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Scottsdale Baseball Training and Instruction

Next Generation Baseball was created to bring expertise to young athletes at the grade school and high school level. Our style of coaching aims to teach players professionally proven techniques built around concrete certainties that must be executed in pitching, hitting, and fielding. These methods are taught through drills and the utilization of technology. Over a two month time frame, pitching velocities increase an average of about 9% and hitting exit velocities increase an average of 8%

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Track Your Progress

With Technology, you can track your progress over time through your own online portal. You can see how your bat speed increases, launch angle, damage potential, radar readings and more. We can then use this data to improve flaws through drill work.

scottsdale hitting lessons

Video Analysis

Utilizing slow motion video allows players to see their throwing or hitting motion from another angle. Players will receive video and analysis on their technique so they can continue to improve at home on their own. This allows players to practice effectively without an instructor present.

scottsdale baseball training

Maximize Leg/Core Strength

Baseball is about being explosive and maximizing our kinetic chain in order to increase bat speed and throwing velocity. Becoming explosive often consists of how efficient we can drive off the ground and moving towards our target. The focus in my lessons are to be able to utilize our legs and core to our maximum potential.

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