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Steve Hague

After playing and coaching in the game of baseball for roughly 27 years, I have had the privilege to play with and against some of the best competition the game has to offer. 

My journey hasn't always been easy, and ALL of my players will go through some kind of struggle in their careers. But eventually, they ALL come across the same issue, they need to find a way to get better! I had this same problem as a player too. My velocity was lower than almost everyone on the pitching staff and I just needed to learn how to throw harder. I worked tirelessly to try and figure out how I can do that, so I worked extremely hard during workouts, always gave my full attention in practice and still NO improvements. Until one day, I started to  think about the science and physics behind what makes a baseball move faster. Eureka!! I quickly discovered what I needed to do from a scientific perspective to increase my velocity and I went from throwing 85 MPH into the low 90s in just a few weeks. And I maintained this velocity just by applying the science behind what was necessary.

The entire premise of my business is built around incorporating physics and biomechanics into the development of my players. As long as the science is followed, I can guarantee that a player will make improvements within just a couple of months. See my homepage for the before and after of just some players players I have worked with over the years. But, it does take consistent practice in order to apply these changes. So the more you practice, the faster the gains!

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