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Steve Hague


After competing in the game of baseball for roughly 15 years thorughout high school and at the division 1 collegiate level, I have had the privilage to play with and against some of the best competition the game has to offer. Throughout that journey I have aquired a vast amount of knowledge and expertise that goes into being successful in the game of baseball. It is my passion to pass on much of this knowledge to the next generation of athletes so they can experience success in the way that I did.


Upon completing college at the Universty of Iowa in 2012, I began coaching for Elite Baseball Training in Chicago. From there I took the approach of using slow motion video analysis to help players analyze their hitting/pitching motion, and then comparing them with major league players to help maximize their abilities. By using this approach, our program was able to develop some of the best travel baseball teams in the country. Many of our players have accomplished some great acheivements and have moved on to play at many division 1 schools througout the county. It is my intention to provide the same qualitiy of youth baseball lessons in Scottsdale at affordable rates.


Much of my pitching and hitting lessons approach is to develop power and consistency among all of my players. The great thing about baseball is that it is defined by physics, and if the rules of physics are followed then anybody has the ability to aquire velocity and power. Being able to increase velocity on the mound and power at the plate involves someones ability to increase FORCE. Force is simply defined as below...


                                                     MASS x ACCELERATION=FORCE


The concept is simple, if a player can increase their mass or acceleration towards their target, then they will increase their force while hitting or pitching. The second leading predictor of bat speed and pitching velocity is the amount of hip to shoulder separation that the athlete can create. The drills I use to help players achieve this are trough numerous exercises to utilize every muscle in our body and to be as explosive as possible.  


It is through this concept that many of my players have had success in increasing their power at the plate and velocity on the mound. Today I currently work with Chad Moeller Baseball and coach some of his teams sponsored by Dinger Bat Company.




Coach Stone’s comments on Steve Hague – “Stephen is a great role model for north side baseball players.  A product of Welles Park, Stephen played at St. Ignatius and eventually the University of Iowa.  This is the goal of many of our players we work with around the facility.  If you ask, they’ll tell you that they would like to play baseball for as long as they can.  Well, Stephen did it, and he worked hard to get there.  He’ll be one of our most popular instructors at the youth level.”

Chris P - "Doubleheader yesterday. Tommy pitched 2 Inning in relief in Game 1; he started Game 2 and pitched all but the final inning. He pitched extremely well: he gave up no runs (in either game); 3 walks. Only two balls hit hard off of him (one a deep fly out). Mostly weak infield groundouts, but several strikeouts as well. He got stronger as the day went on; he struck out 5 of the last 6 batters he faced. Thank you for the great instruction you are giving him!"

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