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Steve Hague

After competing in the game of baseball for roughly 15 years throughout high school and at the division 1 collegiate level, I have had the privilege to play with and against some of the best competition the game has to offer. Throughout that journey I have acquired a vast amount of knowledge and expertise that goes into being successful in the game of baseball. It is my passion to pass on much of this knowledge to the next generation of athletes so they can experience success in the way that I did.


Upon completing college at the University of Iowa in 2012, I began coaching for Elite Baseball Training in Chicago, and then started my own coaching business in Arizona from 2016-2022 . From there I took the approach of using slow motion video analysis to help players analyze their hitting/pitching motion, and then comparing them with major league players to help maximize their abilities. By using this approach, I was able to help players visualize the concepts I teach so they can make progress quicker.


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